Showcase the results of JUVÉDERM® with images for your office materials

This gallery contains a selection of JUVÉDERM® before-and-after photos for your practice promotion–-from print materials to your Web Site. Follow the instructions to the right to preview and download the available photos. Once you download these files, give them to your designer or Webmaster to integrate into your office materials.

Download a variety of before-and-after photos, from full-face images to close-ups. To get started:

  • 1 Select the model from photos above
  • 2 Preview images
  • 3 Click on the Download button in the Preview screen

Interactive Slideshow

Interactive Slideshow single view

Download the interactive slideshow for your practice Web Site. This online tool brings the results of JUVÉDERM® to life by allowing patients to interact with the before-and-after images for five different models.

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